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Welcome to The Feel World

Introducing a new social, where spontaneous joy is easy to find, wonder abounds, and you can feel good in the moment...and the next day.

At last! Social can be so much more! Serving up a balanced buzz and good feelings only.

A splash of curiosity, a bolt of wonder, a dash of magic... Whoosh! Feel your spirits lift and smiles come easy. Here, you’re free to be.

We make social complements that mix with every way you like to mingle, whether that’s with your friends, family, strangers, or a quiet night with your plants.

Also very delicious.

Un-Rules of The Feel World

  • ① Choose your half full.
  • ② Delight can be easy.
  • ③ Feelings are our friends.
  • ④ Small can be big.

36°12'11.3"N 79°50'46.6"W
Whimsical longitude, wonderus latitude

Perfectly proportioned for wondrous adventures!

Refreshingly breezy and floaty.

Welcome to The Feel World. Come on in, mosey around, or stay for a while...we'll be here.